The Compassion Society of Halton is a place that provides food, clothing, household items, and referrals to those who need our help in Halton Region. I am fortunate to be on the Board of Directors of such an amazing charitable organization that does so much for our community.


The Compassion Society responds to the needs of the community by providing food, clothing, everyday household articles and referrals to local resources.


To grow a generous community of people who help one another to lead improved lives.

Core Values

Generosity: As we recognize how much we’ve been given we can also give to others.

Collaboration: Working in partnership with our volunteers, donors, visitors, and peers benefits the entire community

Dignity: All our interactions are marked with respect, sensitivity, inclusion, and a desire for justice and well-being.

Reputation: That all who would interact with Compassion Society would be eager to recommend us to others.