Men as Career Coaches is an amazing event developed by the Halton Industry Education Council that links high school students with mentors. These mentors spend the night conversing with the students about life, school, work and many other things. It is an opportunity to ask questions, get engaged in where you want to go in life and understand that people come from many walks of life.

Our panel was composed of fantastic speakers from around the Halton Region. We had speakers who were entrepreneurs, police officers, truck drivers, and small business owners. It was so diverse, and they all got to their current situation in different ways. Some had college degrees and some didn’t, it was truly amazing to see these driven individuals share their stories with high school students. I was the emcee for this event and shared a little bit about myself and my story.

I had two key lessons:

1) Nothing is concrete: You can always change your path if it’s not what you want

2) Do what you love: If you do what you love chances are you’ll be good at it.

I look forward to returning next year to Men as Career Coaches 2018!