Fareen Samji - Entrepreneur/Athlete/Speaker

David is highly motivated and involved in many areas of our community. His initiative to integrate Pythons’ Pit within our school boards to students and teachers is amazing!

Mike Quackenbush - Community Leader/Strategist at Royal Bank of Canada

I’ve gotten to know David very well over the last six months. He is driven by helping others in our community! He’s a true community rockstar, always looking out for the best interests of the City of Burlington

Bruce Outridge - Entrepreneur/Artist/Public Speaker

I met David earlier this year at an event for HIEC where he was the Emcee, he was fantastic. He was engaging, professional, and inspired me more than I did him. Since then David and I have become friends and the more I learn about him the more I am amazed. When I was creating the television show for youth, David was a major inspiration for the theme of the show. He has been a guest and co-host on the show and I still remain amazed at the ambition of this young man.